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Posted on: 03/26/19

Khimar ( خمار): The khimar is an extended, cape-like scarf which is wrapped throughout the head and hangs to the middle of the back again. This kind of hijab covers the head, neck, and shoulders, but leaves the confront clear.

Chador ( تشادر): The chador is a protracted cloak that covers a lady’s full body. Similar to the khimar, the chador wraps around the head, but instead of hanging in order to the middle of back, the chador drapes to a woman’s feet.

Niqāb ( نقاب): The niqab is usually a facial area-masking that covers the mouth and nose, but leaves the eyes crystal clear. It really is worn by having an accompanying khimar or other type of head scarf.

Burqa ( برقع ): The burqa addresses the complete encounter and overall body, leaving a small mesh display through which the girl can see by means of.

How come Gals don hijab?

Muslim women opt to don the hijab or other coverings for a variety of good reasons. Some Gals dress in the hijab given that they feel that God has instructed Gals to dress in it as a means of fulfilling His commandment for modesty. For these Females, sporting hijab is a personal preference that's created immediately HIJAB after puberty and is meant to replicate a person’s particular devotion to God. In many instances, the putting on of the headscarf is commonly accompanied by the donning of unfastened-fitting, non-revealing apparel, also known as hijab.

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